The Ulfrung Vikings

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*Never part with your weapons when out in the fields; you never know when you will need your spear.
*Be a friend to your friend, match gift with gift; meet smiles with smiles and lies with dissimulation.
*No need to give too much to a man, a little can buy much thanks; with half a loaf and a tilted mug I often won me a friend.
*Wealth dies, kinsmen die, a man himself must likewise die; but word-fame never dies, for him who achieves it well.
-The Havamal

    We play the game Dagorhir. It is a padded medieval style combat game. We hail from the Aratari Chapter in the Maryland/Virginia DC area.

Ulfrung Practice Spots 
Damascus Recreational Park-  23723 Kings Valley Rd, Damascus, MD
Lake Needwood Park-    6700 Needwood Rd, Derwood, MD 20855 (Near the Boats, by the Field)
Centennial Park (Ellicott City)- 10000 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042

Our goal is to become a unit who is known for having good garb, fierce fighters and is fun to be around.

Email Lock if you are interested or need more information
[email protected]

Or join the public Facebook group- Ulfrung Practice and Recruiting