The Ulfrung Vikings

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The Skald

Awarded for teaching viking culture and mythology, performing music and telling of epic tales. Showmanship required. Skalds must be knowledgeable and stir the hearts of others with their words.
Skald Haligr
Recognized for his talents in playing the 6 string Germanic Lyre (self made), Baritone & Tenor Ukulele, Frame Drum, Dulcimer, Paduak Rhythm Bones, and the Tin Whistle. He is furthering his craft with many more instruments and learning new songs for others enjoyment.  Crafting his own lyre truly shows his dedication to the craft and great skill.  His music creates an ambiance of immersion previously unobtainable. 

The Crafter

Awarded for showing great skill in the creation of equipment, garb, and projects for the unit. This can be the creation of banners, painting of shields, armory weapons, making period camp gear or tents.

Tanyathiel Skiparadottir
Awarded for her beautiful horn engraving and decorating. She is also skilled at sewing and the making of weapons. 



Awarded for notable combat skills against our enemies. This award is for those who can strike fear into the hearts of those who come against us.

Honored Elder - Vísendamaðr

In Old Norse Vísendamaðr means, "The man who knows."  This award is given to one who has used his great wisdom to teach the Ulfrung. He is to be honored, welcomed at the feasting table, and listened to.



Warrior must slay ten enemies in a no resurrection battle. The warrior does not need to survive. The most glory is earned by dying surrounded by the bodies of enemies.

Lockinvar Rigson 11/25/17 Winner of the title Berserkr (10 kills, lived)

Fafnir's Treasure

Treasure has been hidden throughout the land.  The Jarl will give clues as to where these treasures may be found when he receives them.

Fafnirs Treasure 1 Winner

Undaunted by the riddle, Tari refused to give up and searched the wilds until treasure was hers.

Odin's Wrath

This is a duel arranged by the Jarl. The warrior must fight two christian warrior in a duel. These Christians will either be a Knight and his squire, or Templar.

Loki's Assassin

The Ulfrung will be given a target at a battle or camp out.  This person will know they are a target and have agreed to be so.  The first person to kill the target in an official battle or at the event (the time will be specified), will win Loki's favor and be his assassin.