The Ulfrung Vikings

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                                                Drott- The Ruling Jarl

Kensmen Jarl Lockinvar Rigson

Follows Heimdallr- The watcher, the guardian. He can hear a blade of grass grow and will sound his horn when Ragnarok comes.

Long armed, quick to laugh and slow to run, he's here to have fun. Married to the beautiful Jarl Icy Stjarnudottir, he leads the Ulfrung as best he can.   He spent years as a Swordbrother to Kensmen Morte until finally becoming a Kensmen himself. 


Iss "Icy" Stjarnudottir

Follows Freya- Goddess of beauty, fertility, and death. Rides a chariot pulled by two cats.

Fierce in anger and fierce for family. Icy takes care of others with no back talk. She is married to  Jarl Lockinvar Rigson.  If there is one thing you must know, it is that she is always right.  


Follows Tyr- God of war and of the skies.

Strong in voice, strong in arm, Jarl Nikulas is the backbone of the Ulfrung. Loyal and brave, he is a pain to his enemies.  Nikulas is also a Swordbrother to the Kensmen Tumbark, learning how to control strength with wisdom and become an even better leader.  

Chade "Refr" Orvitsson

Follows Loki- Trickster God of mischief

Chade slices his way to a good time. Many stories have been told about this Jarl. He has wrestled a smurf into submission, he has scaled castle walls, cooked delicacies that cannot be forgotten and giggled in the face of certain death. 




Although deadly with a bow, Tanya is well known for her great crafting ability and artistry.

Follows  - Skaði Goddess of bow hunting, winter and the mountains. 

Before traveling to far off lands, Brynja was known for her fierce spirit and deadly blade. 


Brilliant scroll keeper. She's a librarian. Runa keeps records and holds the clan together. Without her, no one would be paid on time.


Follows Baldr- God of light and Joy. 

A solid soldier with fast arms and fast feet, Tahn is versatile and valuable. He is a protector and an up and coming leader.