The Ulfrung Vikings

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Folc (Petitioner)

Petitioners are those interested in joining the Ulfrung.  Petitioners must fight with the Ulfrung for at least four events before being voted in as a full member. Camp outs may count as two and Ragnarok three.  Guests must be approved by the unit before they are allowed to camp with Ulfrung.

Drengr (Soldier)

Drengr have been accepted into the unit because they show promise. They must be working actively to get Viking garb that is beyond minimal game requirements. 

They must have a weapon of their own and looking for a fighting style that best suits them if they choose to be a fighter.

Huscarl  (Elite Soldier)

Huscarls must have a quality tunic, earth toned pants, earth toned shoes, and a leather belt. There must also be something in their kit that is Viking. This could be pendants, hats, belts, winningas or Viking turn shoes.  

Fighting huscarls must have at least one consistently passing weapon and be working towards adding more to their armory. Shields must be painted to look like a real shield.

Thegn (Lord)

Thegns must have winningas, earth toned pants, quality linen or wool tunics, leather belt, some viking style jewelry, a belt pouch. 

Fighting Thegns must have quality gear to use. They must also have a backup combination. If a Thegn will take a Drengr, they must first ask the Jarl's permission. The Thegn must also have loaner gear before taking a Drengr.

Jarl (Badass)

Jarls are required to maintain an excellence in garb standards. They must have one pair of period style footwear, garb pant, show some form of personal wealth by jewelry. Embroidered tunics, apron dresses, brooches, fur mantles, viking weaponry, six panel wool hats and cloaks are things that a Jarl should be working on or already have.

A Jarl is a master of men. He must have gear that can be loaned to others.  He must also have quality gear for himself in more than one weapon style. Jarls must have some form of armor that fits their fighting style.

Non Combatant
Jarls must be a master of some form of craft. Others go to them for help and their works are well known.  A Jarl is respected by others and their words heeded with honor.

A Jarl has helped others become fighters. They have lead in battle and respected. When there is need of a leader, a Jarl steps up.  Jarls also must be proven in battle and have shown it through epic deeds.

The Drott (Jarl of Jarls)

There is only one Drott. He is the leader of the Ulfrung and rules with the council of Jarls. His orders are to be followed under penalty of camp chores.  The Drott is the ruling Jarl.